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“Lani has helped me recover from both brain and heart surgery. She has been instrumental in my healing for the past 16 years. Her in-depth understanding of the mind and body make her excellent at what she does. She is the best massage therapist and personal trainer I have known. She has strong hands and a kind heart, and has pure intention of healing people!

I was in extreme pain and could barely walk. Lani helped me get on my feet again, living pain free."

Jonah Raskin - Professor Emeritus 

“Lani is able to guide you to your own personal best. I came to Lani because I wanted to train with someone who won in competition and is both motivating and disciplined. I trained with her and pushed past long-standing blocks. I feel more fit than I ever have!"

Angelica P.

“Excellent, always a healing experience. Lani brings insight to both my emotional and bodily state."

Suzanne B.

“Lani is one of the most powerful therapists I have been to because of her ability to improvise in the moment with an in-depth understanding of anatomy and precise intuition."

Mark B.

“I am so lucky to have found Lani in search of a good deep tissue massage therapist. I have had many experiences that left me not quite satisfied. Every time she works on me I get exactly what I want and need."

Kitty C.

"Lani is an amazing massage therapist with years of experience, she knows exactly where I’m needing work. Best massage I have ever had!!"

Madrona G.

"Lani is an amazing massage therapist! I highly recommend her!💕"

Jeanne G.

Lani is a miracle worker. I’m almost 50 years old with four boys. With working and hardly taking care of myself these past few years I finally decided to look into massage. I was recommended by a mutual friend who said Ms. Lani massages were life altering.
After my first session with Lani, I got into my car and literally cried. I had so much tenseness in my body that I forgot how my body used to work. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of release.
I went back a second time and she worked on me for an hour and a half. When that session ended I could reach down and touch my toes again. I haven’t been able to do that in years.
The third time she worked on me was the best. All my tightness went away. I walk better, my posture is better, my range of movement is better. She even taught me how to let out the pressure with moves that I didn’t even know existed.
I feel like a whole new person. This made me change my eating habits, and how I go about my life. Would I recommend this woman, heck yeah. She has a presence about her that is comforting and calm. I definitely know that I am going to use her techniques and her hands as much and as often as I can. I have her cards and I give them out to everyone that I come into contact with. She is 100% amazing.

Cindy M.

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